"Dager of the Tasman Empire is the story of a three-year-old boy who is kidnapped and sold as a slave.  For years, the boy lives under the brutality of his captors.  But his family never gives up trying to find him.  A tale of undying love and the conviction that family is the most important thing above all, this book reaches down to the depths of one's emotions and sets flight to the human spirit. A literary treasure for young readers, Dager of the Tasman Empire is a magical tale full of wildly imaginative moments that will keep them enchanted and enthralled.  Recommended for home and school libraries, this book has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval."

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"Family comes first, that's the first thing popped up in my head reading the short description of the book. What I had in mind afterwards was the main character who would do anything to in the name of family. As I started to read, I discovered that this book is actually for kids. The writing style, the conversation, the scenes... they are very easy to follow (unlike most books I read recently, which I had to read twice to fully understand the meaning). I don't read children book quite a lot, but I know that the main character seems a bit mature for children at his age. Well, probably the author wants to give an impression to readers that tough life gets you mentally older. Apart from that, overall, I believe this book is a perfect reading for bedtime story. It will educate young kids to understand that family matters."

Joannes Rhino

"Once again, the author has searched her incredible imagination and written an adventure story worthy of many readings.  Dager of the Tasman Empire is an exciting novel that connects a magical world under the sea and an equally fascinating land of heat and dust.  Readers are never quite sure what will happen next, while surprises await eager minds, page after page. This story is written with elementary and middle school children in mind, but will certainly capture the imagination of all ages."

Elaine Fuhr, Freelance Reviewer

"Teresa Schapansky's second book, Dager of the Tasman Empire is a book that shows the author is indeed at the height of her powers. The imagery it generates wraps the reader up in the plot. Never once does the action cease to flow, as layer upon layer of excitement builds. This is a book that fulfils the goals of entertainment for children. Firing up the imagination with a writing style that always keeps the action flowing. Teresa has created the foundation for many more solid tales. Children everywhere will be impatiently waiting to read more from this talented writer."

Warren Thurston, Owner of Boggle Books

"Dager of the Tasman Empire is a powerful story about a boy that has a hard life. This book is so easy to read and has a wonderful message. I believe that more people should read this book. Family comes first, is the message that I took from this wonderful book.  Schapansky is able to create a story that can be hard to write, and execute it properly."

Stephanie Moore

"Magical! This is the second book I have read by Teresa Schapansky and again, I want more! For me, there is a feeling of love and respect in her writing. Human respect for each other and the environment. There was a passage I read where (not a spoiler) a leaf floated above and whirled around with other leaves. As I read it, it made me think of being in Wonderland. Just a more simple wonderland. I could just see it happening. I could picture the miniseries for kids. The lessons one could learn will help build foundations for so many that now only know what they think is entitled to them. And a bonus is that their imaginations will be put to good use! I will definitely keep these books on my shelf for future use in my business. They can help the young and not so old to #dobetter!"

Lachelle Rene

"Canadian author Teresa Schapansky enters the world of children’s books with a very thoughtful and entertaining series entitled ALONG THE WAY. Thus far there are five books with hopefully more to come. The illustrations are by Ken Golden. Teresa is a sharp journalist and a popular speaker in schools and other gatherings and her early love for stories lead to books before she finally decided to write this series. Her first novel, "IMOGENE OF THE PACIFIC KINGDOM opened doors for the author - radio and television interviews, school visits, library visits, a stint freelance reporting for a local newspaper- and now she presents DAGER OF THE TASMAN EMPIRE and reading it is evidence of her fine talents.

Teresa, supported by the able contribution of illustrator B. Banfield, offers a fairy tale and what better way for a child to enter a fairy tale that with confronting evil: ‘The miserable old woman glared at her young charge with those all too familiar steel grey eyes. Instantly he cowered and shrunk back against the wall, causing the hag’s mood to soften. But only a little. And even that was short lived. She straightened and leaned toward him. “You little pond scum! How many times have I told you? I want this floor spotless!” Her intimidating voice was deep, rough and loud. She threw the pitch fork that only moments before, had been raised high above him like a battle weapon ready to strike, to the ground at his feet.’ Atmosphere, fine writing, and a prelude to the story to follow grasps the reader by the collar.
Teresa provides her own synopsis of the story: ‘Ruthlessly torn away from his family at the tender age of three; subsequently sold as a slave, the little boy endures unbelievable brutality. Thankful for his nightly dreams about magical, faraway places, and the constant companionship of his equally neglected farmyard friends, he survives. Two agonizing years pass; he receives a mysterious message, and learns that he has a family that loves him. He also discovers that he has a name, and that his family has never given up hope of his eventual return. With resolve that he didn't know he had, the little boy puts up the fight of his life, to return to his home.’  The book is written for the young set, but the imagery and delicacy of the story will likely move older readers, too. Recommended. "

Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

"Dager is a hit in our household!  Every night we read a chapter and my two boys excitedly await the next development in the story.  They especially like the old man.  We recommend this book to any family looking for mystery and adventure."

Susan Valeri

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Dager of the Tasman Empire, recipient of the Literary Classics Book Awards  Seal of Approval

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"Dager and his family travel to the new world where they are reunited with their family and friends.  Women and men are equal, laws are made and Mod becomes the new leader of the new world.  Dager, Lucia and Pagan and the other children will now be raised in a happy environment where mutual respect, understanding and equality for all are key.  Children everywhere will love Dager of the Tasman Empire.

The author’s first book, Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom was a charming introduction to the author’s world of fantasy and delight. Dager of the Tasman Empire continues to show her vivid imagination and wonderful sense of adventure. Her stories promote love, family values and a sense of responsibility and mutual respect. Highly recommended for any family or school library."

Shirley Roe

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"After having the fortune to read Imogene, I was absolutely thrilled to read Dager, and frankly I'm glad I did.  Readers, both young and old, will enjoy these stories of mythical, mystical kingdoms that breathe life back into a popular but dying subject.  The author shows apparent growth and expertise in this second in a series.  She does such extraordinary things to her characters; she uses her creative imagination to bring their sheer essence and innocence leaping from the pages with a ferocious rush of emotions. 

The story lines and plots are fresh and exhilarating, with twists and turns that leave the reader breathless, still hungry for more.  I'm confident that Teresa has earned herself a place in the literary world, while her characters find their place into readers' hearts."

Kimberly Hayes
Freelance Writer/Professional Book