"Imogene, a five-year-old girl, is left in the care of a bitter aunt. Her parents are king and queen of an underwater world and they must return to their homeland to save their people from an evil enemy. Five years pass and Imogene matures into a delightful and intelligent young lady. When she is finally reunited with her parents she discovers unknown talents which enable her to aid in the rescue of the Pacific Kingdom.

Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom is a wonderfully imaginative story with fascinating elements which keep readers enthralled from beginning to end. Adventure, magic, and subtle humor await young readers who are sure to connect with Imogene as they thrill in her underwater adventures. Author, Teresa Schapansky introduces youngsters to an environmentally friendly way of life, an aspect which she weaves seamlessly within an engaging plot which kids will find to be entirely entertaining."

Literary Classics Book Reviews

"Delightful! I truly enjoyed this book. It was such a pleasure to read. Children with respect for their parents AND each other. It was a joy to read. It took me back to when I was a kid, well...maybe not the underwater awesomeness :) The book made me imagine again. The last time I said that, I was reading Harry Potter. It was just fun. I found myself often times waiting for one of the children to betray one another, or a parent to turn bad. Not this time. It was so nice to read a book where children weren't disrespectful to their parents, other adults and worse, each other. There was a problem and the characters came together and helped each other to solve it. I was on the edge of my seat anticipating how and if they would be successful. Refreshing. I also couldn't wait to see how the 'plan' played out. I WANTED to keep reading it, I WANTED more. I am looking forward to more. Besides a few editing updates that could be made (a few minor grammatical errors), I thought this was a wonderful read. Beautiful work Teresa! Thank you. "

Lachelle Rene

"Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom is a charming, fairytale adventure that follows the transition of a ten-year-old girl from the modern (surface) world to her true realm, a hidden, land-based kingdom accessible only by sea. Left by her parents with an unloving aunt when she’s five, Imogene discovers, at age ten, that she can breathe water as well as air. She journeys through the ocean to the Pacific Kingdom, where she rejoins her royal parents until she must return to the surface for her own safety. The plan of a short stay goes awry; Imogene’s parents are imprisoned by an evil usurper. How she and her allies set things right makes for a suspenseful, exciting tale.

The clean-read book has a positive tone suitable for young adults and even younger readers who can follow a complex plot and visualize beautiful settings. Set aside “But how…?” objections, and enjoy the ride."

S. Hines

"Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom grabs the reader's attention right from the start when five-year-old Imogene's mother leaves her to live with her ill-tempered aunt. Imogene's mother promises that she will return in five year's time, but for a little girl that is a lifetime.  Flash forward five years and Imogene has grown considerably, though her aunt has not grown any nicer. Imogene is drawn to the water and excels in her swimming lessons. She has befriended the butler who suggests that she should try swimming in the nearby ocean. Things are not what they seem, by a long shot. The butler is not really a butler, Imogene is not your average ten-year-old girl and her parents were never really all that far away.

Not wanting to give away the plot I will leave it at that, except that I must say that this story was delightful and adventurous, a breath of fresh air. Imogene is a wonderful role model and a delicious character to root for. The plot is well thought out and delivered with just the right amount of fantasy and wonder.  Children aged eight and up will enjoy this read on their own, while even younger children would be thrilled to have it read to them. The only negative side to a younger child listening would be the sad beginning, though I assure you that the story is satisfyingly happy."

Heather Froeschl


"Imogene kept me on the edge of my seat for the first few chapters, then allowed me to relax into an enjoyable reading experience in a fantasy world any child would love."

Susan Valeri, President
Powerful Publicity Group​

"Filled with suspense and interesting make-believe characters, the unique and suspenseful story line is the result of Teresa's highly refined imagination and her natural ability to entertain children of all ages.  Her writing style and sense of enchantment captures the reader's interest immediately, making this self-published book a wonderful story for children as well as attracting the imagination of any age reader."

Rolli Gunderson


"Canadian Author Teresa Schapansky's vivid imagination brings the characters to life.  The magical Kingdom under the sea reminds us of Atlantis.  Older children will delight in sharing Imogene's adventures in the Pacific Kingdom both happy and troublesome but always entertaining."

Shirley Roe
Allbooks Reviews

"In an age of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, enters a new magical, mystical tale that will delight children and adults alike with its unique story line.  Readers will immediately become mesmerized by the sheer ingenuity and suspensefulness of the plot.  The author brings a new and delightful twist to a growing collection of mythical tales for children.  "Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom" is a tale filled with magic, lighthearted fun and adventure.  The author's use of the written word visually transports us to a land of make believe and introduces us to characters who are engaging and unforgettable, in a kingdom where anything and everything is possible.    Teresa flawlessly demonstrates her imagination and her ability to enchant and hypnotize the reader, whether they are 8 or 80.  It's this readers opinion that "Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom" is very well crafted and a must read.  The author is to be commended for making her first child's novel a smashing success."

Kimberly Hayes
Freelance Writer/Professional Book Reviewer

"Teresa has done an amazing job telling a story that will grab your attention and not let go until long after you've read her book.  "Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom" is a book to be loved by both adults and children for the characters are so full of life and become part of you after you read this book.  Nothing could have prepared me (and most likely, Imogene) for the surprises that unfolded with each chapter - dealing with real and surreal subjects and stretching your imagination to the limit.  A pleasant read and a definite must buy for lovers of an adorable and exciting adventure."

Marilyn Houle
Words Words Words

"Magic!  Excitement!  Beauty and splendor are some of the ingredients that make up this wonderful tale.  The product of two different worlds, Imogene is a heroine that children will adore.  One world is on the surface and is obsessed with material things.  The other is beneath the Pacific Ocean, where peace and harmony exists for all those that live there.  Teresa has created a story children will delight in.  It is full of excitement and magic, as the forces of good and evil do battle.  Once begun, the reader will not be able to put the book down.  This is a book that all children will adore and want to read again and again."

Warren Thurston

Owner of Boggle Books

"Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom is a great book for kids or young adults. Teresa Schapansky has created a charming, likable character in Imogene. A character that a lot of young people, especially girls, will relate to. Imogene is smart, beautiful, and innocent, but she is hurt when first her father mysteriously disappears from her life, then her mother. As you can imagine, these are cruel blows in the life of a little girl, but Imogene endures and strives to be good while living with a cold aunt who is mean and very difficult to love. Two things help her get through this period; her mother's promise to return when she is ten and her good friend Sampson who is her aunt's butler.

Everything changes for Imogene when she is allowed to swim in the ocean for the first time. This is when the story of Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom really takes off. Teresa Schapansky guides us through a wonderful, magical underwater kingdom where the young Imogene learns who she and her parents really are. There are always bad guys, of course, but for the most part Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom is a positive, uplifting tale for young people of all ages. Teresa Schapansky has created characters and a world that will entertain children and adults for generations. Imogene is the star but there are many interesting characters and great adventures. Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom is a modern day fairy tale ready to take its place beside such Disney tales as The Little Mermaid."

Reviewed By Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

"Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom is an adventure-filled chapter book aimed at older elementary school aged children.  Nonetheless, this story is suitable for reading to younger audiences as well as for preteen to early teen readers.  The storyline is fun and creative with lots of action, intrigue, and adventure.  Imogene is loveable, adventurous, creative, imaginative, and a little stubborn.  Every child will feel an immediate connection to this amazing girl.  I look forward to more adventures from Imogene."

Tami Brady
Amazon Hall of Fame, Top 50 Reviewer

"Imogene discovers a magical kingdom, the Pacific Kingdom with her mom and of course the intrigue that goes along with it, the secret of the deep as well as the mystery of her own existence.  Events are set in motion that take the reader on an electrifying ride.  The book is riveting and moves on at an irresistible pace, and no matter what you have to keep reading. Forget about your worldly cares.  This book is wonderful. This book is an absolute masterpiece of description, ocular worlds that wait for discovery."

Veronica Grant House
Veteran Reviewer

Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom - recipient of the Canada Book Award

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