Frequently asked awesome questions:

Q.  My son really enjoyed meeting you today at school, and we look forward to reading your books together.  Do you accept emails from students? 

A.  Good question!  Absolutely, I encourage it.  In fact,  if your son is interested in writing a review for the book, I would be honoured to publish it along with his name, on my Facebook page!  Would he like to see his words and his name in print?

Q.  Sounds exciting, but he would not know how to begin to write a review.  Do you have any suggestions in this regard?

A.  Good point!  A review would contain things like, your son's favourite part in the story,  which character he liked the least, which character he liked the very best, etc.  What did he find exciting, or what did he find kind of boring?  Does he think anything should have happened differently?  Or even, if there were to be a second book to follow, what should happen next?  A review would only need to contain a few short lines, and it is not a pass or fail exercise!

Q.  We are most interested in having you visit our school, but our school is on a tight budget, and so, how much do you charge for an author visit?

A.  My mission is to promote literacy, and I believe that charging crazy prices to do that is rather defeating.  It is no secret that I really like children, and I consider it a privilege to be invited to your school.  The budget of each school varies, and I do accept a modest honorarium accordingly.

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The official website of authorTeresa Schapansky

​Welcome to the official website of Teresa Schapansky

It all began a long, long time ago... it was a dark and stormy night... a short story was written by the author, for her children to enjoy.  Well, to be honest, it may not have been dark and stormy that night, and it really wasn't a long, long time ago.  Anyway, one thing led to another, as things often do, word got out, and shortly thereafter, that short story turned into a long story, enjoyed by many.

A book was born, "Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom", and that particular book opened a few doors for the author.  Radio and television interviews, school visits, library visits, a stint freelance reporting for a local newspaper, until finally... drum roll... the author's second book, "Dager of the Tasman Empire" found its way to the surface.

The story did not end there.  One day, while reporting an ice fishing event (brrr....) for  a local newspaper, the author stumbled (quite literally) upon a fellow frozen... well, fellow, and through chattering teeth, they discussed the craft of writing.  The fellow frozen fellow (Bob Winterford, Eye Wonder Studios Publishing Inc.) had a vision, and so the two joined forces (once they thawed out), and his vision become the 12 book Along the Way series.

The story still does not end, and it is to be continued.....